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Lauren Mackellar has established herself as one of Australia’s most sought after session stylists, working and directing some of Australia’s leading salons.


With over 12 years of experience in the industry she is known for her strong commitment to global fashion influences and progressive hair trends, demonstrated through her vast understanding of all facets of colour, cutting and styling.

Recognisable for her homage to femininity through the use of textures and neutral palettes, Lauren has showcased her work locally and internationally, most notably New York Fashion Week 2015 and various weddings in Southern Europe.

Through her travels and her years of experience she has developed a strong desire to pass on knowledge and educate the next generation of Australia's up and coming stylists, she is a lead facilitator for Edwards & Co's education and is committed to her knowledge-based social media work.

Always open to innovation and creativity Lauren is humbled by the recognition she has garnered and its with deep gratitude she recognises her mentors Nicci Welsh & Paul Sandowsky as being key influencers in her career.




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